Cannot save workflow after upgrade from 9.40 classic to 9.51 hybrid

Cannot save workflow after upgrade from 9.40 classic to 9.51 hybrid.

1.) Open Process Designer
2.) Open a workflow
3.) Just press the Save button.

The progress "circle" displays for a couple of minutes, then nothing happens. When the progress "circle" then dissapears I can continue working in the web client.


  • With the info you provided, I can only point you to check sm.log in the server and check if there are errors.

    But popped my mind - at least SM 9.41 has problems to handle non-English chars like å, ä or ö, if they are used in record's unique fields.Let's say - template's name is "Templäte".

    Adding a record with non-English chars was ok, but trying to save a record gave "has been updated" error. So check your workflow's name, if it contains those chars...workaround is to avoid use of those chars. (Kinda annoying that it's already 2017, and still we're stuck with "use plain ASCII" sort of design issues!)

    Also Apache Tomcat 8 was in trouble (version: SM 9.41), if a tickets contained non-English chars. Workaround is to use Apache Tomcat 7 until the core problem is solved.

    But like I said, I've no experince of SM 9.51, so the issues I mentioned might know apply to your environment.

  • Thank you Kelalek2,

    Your suggestion is very useful since we are in Sweden and use characters like å, ä , ö.

    So to test your suggestion I have now added a completly new workflow called "NEW". I could add this new workflow but if I then clicked the Save button, I could not save it. I just got the "Saving" circle for three minutes and then no message at all.

    I have ran a trace for the logged in user, an OOB falcon operator, but no lines where written to the log file after I hit the Save button in the new workflow (trace was RTM:3 and debugdbquery:999).

    Maybe something wrong in the webtier since nothing is written to the application server log files.


  • (By looking your name I thought you're either German or from Scandinavian counties...cheers from Finland!)

    Yep, it seems there's no problem with non-English chars. But if sm.log says nothing when saving a record, there's indeed something weird going on. I'd also check the webtier server (Apache Tomcat 7/8?) logs if they reveal something.



  • Update: we are running IIS8, Tomcat 8.5.12 and JRE 8 update 121, webtier 9.51.0015 and 9.51.015 RTE and applications.




  • Did Tomcat logs whisper something? There should be an error somewhere in a log, if a plain save operation takes several minutes. Sounds like webtier tries to commit a save, but gives up after trying after a while.