(SM) Support Tip Proactive Forum: To index knowledgebases in 9.5

If you are using a Solr Search Engine, you may follow the steps in topic “Perform a Full Reindex on a Knowledgebase” on help server to do a full reindex.

If you are running Smart Analytics, to do an index, you may follow the steps in topic “Index Smart Search knowledgebases” on help server.

It is not recommended to do the index on “Smart Search knowledgebases” with the steps under “Solr Search Engine”.

In versions later than 9.50 (exclude 9.50) with Smart Analytics, when doing a full-reindex from “Knowledge Management > Configuration > Knowledgebases > click Search > select a knowledgebase > click full reindex” system will perform a full reindex against all the knowledgebases listed in the search result.


Since version 9.51, there has been an improvement upon the indexing process. The background process “KMReindex” is responsible for doing the index job performed by above steps.

The process called when clicking the “Full Reindex” button in above picture, is different from 9.50 and earlier version, in 9.51 and later system.

You have to make sure this process had been started before doing the reindex.

In addition, background process “KMUpdate” is in charge of incremental indexing and “KMAttachment” of indexing attachments.


Thus, it’s suggestedto follow the steps in topic “Index Smart Search knowledgebases”, if you are using Smart Analytics.