RestFul API - Querying Interactions (Service Desk)

Hi All,

I previously had some questions about formatting using Restful API with HPSM. I am trying to do something similar with my Service Desk that I am using with my Incident Management Currently.

In Incident Management the following GET works perfectly:

localhost:13080/.../incidents Desk

In the case of Service Desk using the following GET doesn't work: Desk

It returns the following:

  "Messages": [
    "Query could not be parsed: status=\"open\"",
    "Query field (status) in (incidents) not defined in dbdict",
    "Query field (status) in (incidents) not defined in dbdict"
  "ReturnCode": 71

The previous tells me that I am just not using the right formatting in my GET query, would anyone know the proper formatting/query for what I want?