HP Service Manager HTML Template/Notifications - Random text addition to the email

Hi Experts,


I have been working with HP Service Manager for a month or two now, and I am having a weird issue where my HTML Templates don't have a line in them but when users get the email they will see various variations of the following:

HP Service Manager Operator: operator1 SCenter_cc: operator2;operator3

Then it is followed by the rest of the HTML template that is supposed to be there.

No where in the HTML Template Source for these emails do I see any HTML code or JS  that would cause it to be spitting out this line.

Any ideas?

  • You should display your template and and tell how you are sending html.

  • Thanks for the reply,

    The template matters not, as it is occuring with ALL HTML Templates we have used to this point;

    IM Open, IM update, IM closure as some examples, these haven't been changed since OOB and now on v9.40P2.

    As for how I am sending them: (Output from my sm.ini)


    Output from sm.cfg:

    # start a SCAuto Listener

    sm -scautolistener:12690 -log:..\log\scauto.log

    # start a JavaMail Listener

    sm -emailout -log:..\log\JavaMail.log

  • Verified Answer


    This is from the Help files for Service Manager


    Startup parameter: clean

    Startup parameters change the behavior of the HP Service Manager server. You can always set a startup parameter from the server's operating system command prompt.




    This parameter enables the Service Manager Reports functionality to exclude a message from email notifications about exported dashboards and reports. By default, this parameter is not enabled, and a message that resembles the following one appears above the header of each Service Manager Reports email notification:

    HP Service Manager Operator: <operator name> SCenter_cc:           

     Valid if set from

    Initialization file (sm.ini)

    Requires restart of the Service Manager server?


    Default value


    Possible values

    0, 1

    Example usage

    Initialization file: clean:1



  • Hi Audrey,


    I put the clean:1 in my Sm.ini file and restarted my the service, but the line 

    HP Service Manager Operator: <operator name> SCenter_cc:           

     is still appearing in my emails, would clean:0 be the apropriate one to be using?

    I just want to save myself a restart and from having to give users further downtime.

  • It should be just "clean".  You may want to try it in your config file:

    sm -emailout -clean

  • Awesome, Thanks for the clarification @TomPowe

    Emails are now sending the Templates as they are supposed to look!

    Thanks everyone!