Mandanten Help

Hi Experts,

I have been reading some of the documents and other forum posts about Mandanten and Security Folders.

From my understanding just using Mandanten would work well for what I want to do. Although I am not 100% sure how far I should be editing scmandant and scsecurity to separate all the companies. Would the following be redundant to do or is it the proper way of accomplishing what I want?

My configuration:

scsecurity -

id: CompanyA

Include: CompanyA

Exclude: All other Companies

scmandant(s) -

File Name: company

Mandant: company

File Name: Operator

Mandant: company

File Name: contacts

Mandant: company

File Name: (incidents, problem, probsummary, rootcause, request)

Mandant: company


Add Security Group to all users in CompanyA.


Rinse and repeat for each company in HP Service Manager.

  • The above practice worked out pretty well.

    The only issue I found with this practice is that I cannot filter more through using scmandant, for example I also have two departments I want to separate in CompanyA, and I cannot do that as I have already separated the "dept" file so that CompanyA's departments cannot be seen by Companies B through Z.

    Someone suggested using Multi-Company mode on another post, but when I select that, Tickets dissapear from Technician's Queues. Any ideas what I should be doing next?

  • you can further restrict using queries


    Try the table "scaccess". Mention the filename, scsecurity group and the query (eg: dept~="A")


    Hope this helps.