Connect-IT EWS (Exchange) Email Fetch into HP Service Manager Web Services

Hi All,

I was wondering if any of you would be able to shed some light on a simple issue I am running into with HP Connect-IT 9.60 Email Fetch to HP Service Manager Web Services.

The Issue: I have a Email Fetching configured pointing to Mapping to Service Center/Service Manager Web Services. The two other connectors (Mapping and Service Manager Web Services are working fine in test mode).

But when I run Email Fetching in test mode I get the following error:

2016/09/19 09:33:27.000 0 4 Opening the connector 'E-Mail (fetching) (Microsoft Exchange Web Service: HPSMTest)' in Test mode...

2016/09/19 09:33:28.000 1 4 Parsing DTD file 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\HP\\Connect-It 9.60 en\\scenario\\mail\\dtd\\newemplo.dtd'...

2016/09/19 09:33:28.000 1 4 Connecting to the messaging server...

2016/09/19 09:33:28.000 2 4 Deploying module: addressing-1.6.2 - file:/C:/Program Files/HP/Connect-It 9.60 en/lib/addressing-1.6.2.mar

2016/09/19 09:33:28.000 2 4 NTLM authentication scheme selected

2016/09/19 09:33:35.000 2 1 (0) Unable to connect to the exchange server '' (error 'The input stream for an incoming message is null.\n').

2016/09/19 09:33:35.000 1 1 (0) Unable to open the 'E-Mail (fetching) (Microsoft Exchange Web Service: HPSMTest)' connector.

My Goal: So you know what I am aiming to do with this setup, I would like to import emails from our IT Service Desk exchange mailbox into HPSM and have interactions generate based off them.


I have been through quite a few threads looking for this issue, but haven't found any directly like mine, so I created a new thread.