Incident Closing Comments (Column empty in DB despite adding closing comments)

Hi Experts,

So I am slightly confused as to what the point of the Closing Comments (Completion Comments) is.

In the DB table probsummarym1 the closing_comments column is 100% empty despite having added completion comments.

The completion comments only updates the activity journal with a Closure statement.

Should this be occuring this way? - we'd like for the completion comments to be showing up in column so we can use it to edit so resolution in interaction = closing.comments in incident

  • What type of Incident uses closing/completion comments? Isn't that something typically for changes? TBH, I don't think this field in Incident Management has been on a form/in use since the last 10 years or more (and I think part of 2 step closure only).

  • HI Josh_MM,

    All of our incidents prompt for one when closing the Incident...

    We are running Version 9.40 too, see the image here: (EDIT: Form is called IM.incident.close)

  • Verified Answer

    Ah yes. I've been working with older versions too long again... And I actually can't access any newer versions from here. But this might be simple (if my memory is acurate- no guarantees). The wizard that is triggered runs on the IM record. The field for closing comments on the form used by the wizard is a variable that is then moved in to the update comments.

    The easiest solution is to just add a calculation to the wizard (Actions main tab, Expressions sub tab) that copies the variable into the "closing.comments in $L.file".

  • HI @Josh_MM,

    Thanks so much, your memory serves you well!

    The Default Expression in the wizard is:

    close.time in $L.file=tod()
    if null($pmc.actions) then ($pmc.actions={}) else ($pmc.actions={$pmc.actions})

    I'll edit it to reflect what I require.

    [EDIT: - For those curious as to what makes this work:]

    close.time in $L.file=tod()
    if null($pmc.actions) then ($pmc.actions={}) else ($pmc.actions={$pmc.actions})
    closing.comments in $L.file=$pmc.actions