On-Boarding External Customers - Best way to create ESS Users

Hi Experts,

My company is looking to start on-boarding external companies into our Service Manager, they would idealy like for everyone in the external company to be able to access our Employee Self-Service Portal and submit requests that way.

Now my issue is figuring out the best way to have all these companies users and contacts created.

I cannot use federated services - would anyone have any suggestions as to what they do in these scenarios?

We are currently throwing around the idea of having a Generic Operator per company, and then making a couple generic contacts agreed upon with the company, for them to choose from when submitting a support request. This seems like it probably won't work out very well.


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    My advise is to create unique users in the system for every person that will login. Put them in appropriate groups and subscribe them to the services they are supposed to see. It will save you from a lot of trouble when sometime in the future, you are asked for additional functionality. For example, you might be asked to send notifications to the person who asks for something. This can't be done with a generic user. Or, even worse, you might be asked to show different screens for different groups in the company, with different options (for security reasons).
    There are 2 "easy" ways to create new ess users
    -the first one is to clone one existing, "generic" user for every company (System Administration -> Ongoing maintenance -> User Quick Add Utility)
    -the second one is to import a prepared csv file with user data (from service manager windows client -> db -> right click anywhere -> text import wizard)

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    Thanks for the response, I am doing something pretty similar to what you suggest with the same aim in mind, the future useability of Service Manager.

    And I wasn't aware of the .csv way of importing! Thanks a bunch, that will be very useful!


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