Message identifying the user locking a record


In our Incident Management environment, if a user tries to edit an IM ticket that is in the process of being edited by me, a message comes up on their screen saying "Function not available, requested resource in use by: ahansen". In Request Management when they try to edit a Line Item that is being edited by me the same message comes up, except it says "Function not available, requested resource in use by: unknown user/task". The message itself can be found in the scmessage file, but the last part is a variable, so does anyone know where the users login id is captured from in Request Management, for the purpose of being used in this notification message, or know how I can fix this message in Request Management so it will identify the user as it does in IM?

Audrey Hansen
  • Hi Audry,

    I had this same request from my Incident customers. For Incident it's hard coded in the lock.denied.msg rad app, build.incident.msg panel.

    It would be nice to display the user's full name. I guess we could submit a software chagne request?

  • Hi Audrey, a little digging found where this comes from, but not an answer for you...if you search RAD for that scmessage, it is in lock.denied.msg. Below is the code that gets the username. get.lock.owner must be a binary function, there is no rad listing for it. Based on all that, I'm guessing the rad is unable to determine the owner. Perhaps a full debug trace would show you something-or not. I'd report this to support and see what they say.

    $$L.owner, "unknown user/task")
    $L.msg=scmsg(1153, "us", {nullsub($L.owner, "unknown user/task")})

    Hope that helps! Malcolm
  • Hi,

    I did additional testing and discovered that it only happens if I am trying to update the Line Item at the same time as someone is updating the Parent Request (Quote). In all other instances I get the correct message identifying the user who has the record locked, so if someone is in the Parent Request and I try to edit the Parent Request, I get the correct message identifying the locking user's ID and the same if someone is in the Line Item when I try to edit it, or if someone is in the Line Item and I try to edit the Parent Request. In all these instances I get the correct message.

    I will spend a bit more time investigating why this variable is not being populated correctly only in this instance, but I may end up having to contact support. I will let you know what the end result is.

    Thanks very much for your suggestions and help.
  • Dear Audrey,

    Please did you resolve this issue. I had the same problem and I did not find a solution. I am blocked please your help.


    Best Regards,


  • The problem occurs due to sudden database disconnection. Chekc if the databse is connected cureently. Then restart the SM service. The locked sessions will be unlocked.