Auditing related records actions

Has anyone managed to build the ability to audit the addition and removal of related records under the related records tab. For example, what related record was added/removed and by whom and when? Is this even possible in SM 9.4x?
  • Hi,

    My opinion is that the out of the box audit feature is not an option here.  As you may know the "unlink record" button calls a javascript called Relation Util.

    I could suggest an option using a trigger against the table screlation which creates an entry directly into the sm.log for example. However, if you prefer to keep that data into a table which makes this request more complex.


  • You have several opitons to do that. 

    1. Add trigger in screlation "after add" and ''after delete" to log operator and time info

    2. Add code in process "unlink.record" <unlink> and "us.screlate" <link> to log operator and time info. You can just add your code into post javascript tab.

    3. Enable audit funciton for screlation table. You can search "Database record auditing" in your sm onlinehelp to get more detail information.