(SM) Support Tip: "How to configure F5 Hardware load balancer for correct load distribution"

How to configure F5 Hardware load balancer so that it will distribute the load across many servlets running on the same Server manager server.

One of the most common problem encounter by service Manager System administrators after followed the guide to configure F5 Hardware load balancer in front of Service Manager server is the fact that all users connections will be routed to a single servlet. This issue only occurs with the webclient.

Step to reproduce:

1- Follow the guide to configure F5 for Service Manager Server. Service Manager

Help server: System Administration > Configuring installation and setup options > Server implementation options > Hardware load balancers > Configure an F5 hardware load balancer

2- Make sure you have more than 1 servlet running on Service Manager Server machine.

3- Start the web client and login.

4- Start a second web client session from a different machine and login.

5- Start a third web client session from a different machine and login.

Result: The user session from step 3 to 5 are all routed to a single servlet although the Load balancing rules is set to “round robin”.


As the web application server is reusing a HTTP connection (a point-to-point connection between the web application server and the F5) for multiple HTTP sessions and F5 balances the load on connection basis, all sessions sharing a connection will be redirected to the same virtual server. For that reason, you need to configure F5 with "oneconnect" profile, as this means that the HTTP sessions will be redirected separately - even when using the shared HTTP connection from web application server.


1- Login in F5.

2- Click on “Local Traffic”.

3- Click on “Virtual server” then “Virtual server List”.

4- Select the Virtual Server for Service Manager Servlet.

5- In the configuration section set “Oneconnect Profile” to “oneconnect” and click “update”.