(SM) Support Tip Proactive Forum: How to read a Service Manager dump file ?

Follow these steps if your Service Manager server has produced a mini dump file and you would like to review the dump file.

  1. Download MAT (Memory Analyzer Tool) from internet. Use google to find a link
  2. http://www.eclipse.org/mat/downloads.php
  3. Unzip the file into a folder named: “MAT”
  4. Open the folder “MAT” and Double click on “MemoryAnalyzer.exe”
  5. The Memory Analyzer Tool pop up, click on “File” - “open a heap dump”
  6. Select your dump file and click on “Open”
  7. The MAT will load the file and new windows will pop up after the loading is completed
  8. Select “Leak Suspects Report” and click OK
  9. MAT will run and display the result
  10. You can navigate by clicking on the tabs and buttons to read more information