(SM) Support Tip: How to monitor Service manager servlets status from a URL?

There are scenarios where the Service Manager administrator would like to know the status of a specific servlet without running the reportlbstatus command that will show the status of all the servlets running in the same Jgroups cluster.


It is possible to use a specific URL for displaying the status of one of the Service Manager Servlets.

These are the steps:

  1. Open all sm.ini files and add this line


The mbeanclient-9.41.war is a war file which is located in the Service Manager RUN\lib folder. mbeanclient-9.41.war is for Service Manager 941 version. If you are using a different server version then you will have to make sure the war file name is matching the war file which is deployed in your RUN\lib folder

   2.  Open the browser and type one of the following URLs

To know if the servlet can accept new connections:

http://<SM server:servlet_port>/mbeanclient-9.41/Action?getattribute=AcceptNewConnection

To know the Maxload of the servlet:

http://<SM server:servlet_port>/mbeanclient-9.41/Action?getattribute=MaxLoad

To know the Current load of the servlet:

http://<SM server:servlet_port>/mbeanclient-9.41/Action?getattribute=CurrentLoad


SM server: is your Server Manager hostname

servlet_port : is the servlet port number you want to monitor