HPSM Performance issue

In  our Test Environment we are facing the performce issue, when logging into the system

Can you help why poor  performance  of QA  

  • Hi


    Whats the log entries? You can enable debug for more log information to troubleshoot further. 

  • Hi,

    can you ping you database server from server server and provide me the output and what is the DB you are using? how did you import your DB, have you checked Index of Database.

    provide logs for futher debugging


  • assuming that you do not have any issue in the connection between SM RTE server and the DataBase server. 

    there 2 areas to check initialy , the home page of the user (Todo list , queue, dashboard) it depend on how and what data is Presented to the user (for example if a user has 10000 record in the todo list )

    aslo check the login.defualt format control , any logic there will run each time the user login 


  • Hi BVR

    Generate debug log by enabling rtm:3 & debugdbquerry:999 in sm.ini file and share the logs here


    Neo Jax

  • Hi

    Just wanted to know, if you have a long running todo queue on landing page when you logon to the application. If the partucular todo queue that is shown immediately after you logon to the HPSM environment has a long list of records to display,  the application loading will be slower on inital logon. Usually in Dev / Test environment we tend to keep such longer todo queue opened on main screen which leads to such slowness. You can switch the todo queue to a separate queue with less number of records and logout. Relogin now to see the difference if the issue is no longer there. If this resolves on the next logon then the issue is due to the todo queue only. If issue is not fixed then share the logs please..