SAP Crystal Reports 2013 SP3 for Service Manager isn't installing

Hi Team

I am facing the issue while installing crystal reports for SM 9.60. I have installed ODBC Driver and have set up legacy listener successfully. Legacy Listener service is also running .

But, When i run the batch file provided in the installation package for crystal reports, it gives me a message as " base installation has been completed successfully " but the batch file isn't able to launch the setup.exe for the crystal reports in my case. So due to which crystal reports service pack is not getting installed.

Please have a look to this screenshot.


Please help. Thanks




  • Have you found any solution to this because I am also facing the same issue

  • OK, I found a solution for this and it is working for me.

    What is actually happening is the SilentInstall.bat file calls the setup.exe from this location(extracted location)

    and what is happening is when this setup is executed it is somehow not able to select any language which leads to the error that says base install success within seconds whereas installation should take around 30 minutes.

    So I Downloaded another setup of Crystal Reports 2013 from this link

    and extracted the files and replaced the contents under

    C:\SM960-2\Reporting\CrystalReports\cr2013SP03\DATA_UNITS (the original extracted folder)

    and re-run the it will take around 30 minutes



  • Unfortunately, Microsoft Visual C Redistributable 2005 is required for CR2013 SP3. Microsoft Visual C Redistributable 2005 has security vulnerabilities. Purchasing and installing CR 2016 uses Microsoft Visual C Redistributable 2010. Microsoft Visual C Redistributable 2005 is installed with CR 2016, but can be removed with no issues.