How to close a page by JavaScript or by RuleSet


I have the necessity to close a page once a transition (Process Designer) is completed.

Ex: in the OOB Workflow "Generic Task", the transition "Close" runs 3 RuleSets, the last one is a Wizard. Once the wizard is completed the operator is sent back to the task form, I would like change this beahvior, I would like to have something like this:

once the wizard is completed I want to close also the task form.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


  • This should be pretty easy to do, even using Process Designer.

    In the Workflow, select the Phase where you want this exit to occur.  If I'm understanding your question, in this case it would be the 'Closed' phase.

    In the Details tab of that phase, scroll down to the link for 'Additional Phase Information' near the bottom.  This will open up a screen where you can set the behavior for what the tool will do when someone moves into this phase or out of this phase.  In this case, we want the system to exit the user from the Task record upon successful entry of the phase, so modify the 'Open Behavior (when not the first phase)' selection and set 'Open phase and exit', then save.

    When the Task record finishes the transition to the Closed phase, after the 'On Enter' rulesets run, it will then exit the Task record.