ir_max_shared in horizontal scaling


we have an horizontal scaled system like this:

1. the load balancer

2,3,4,5,6 hosts for User servlet

7 host with processes and IR

In the document "Service Manager Diagnostics and Tuning" I read this:

"Therefore, the sm.ini file in each host in the horizontal group contains the following parameters and values (rounded):

--- sm.ini ---



(other SM parameters for horizontal scaling)"


My question is (in my situation): do I need to specify the ir_max_shared also in the load balancer?






  • Hello Giorgioa

    hope you are doing fine.

    The shared_memory_address:(memory address> parameter can be used on all operating systems to ensure that shared memory allocation is kept in an area that will not interfere with shared libraries, stacks, heaps or other memory related data structures. You can use this parameter to specify a new address that has enough contiguous memory for the HP Service Manager process.

    Important: Shared memory in a horizontally scaled environment must be calculated per machine based on how many users this machine handles during peak times. 

    A sample calculation for shared memory is: 48 MB 1MB per 10 users Shared Memory for IR

    As summary: this parameter should be set also in the load balancer, BUT remember that the calculation should be exact as the shared_memory calculation mentions. If you need extra information you could take a look on the shared_memory guide for details.

  • Hello Giorgio,

    You don't require to specify ir_max_shared parameter on the Load Balancer server if it's only forwarding requests.


  • Thanks for the answers.

    Endeed my LB just forwards the new connection requests, no processes are running on it.


    Kind regards.