Migrate Change Category workflow to PD workflow


I'm migrating from a SM 9.30 classic to a 9.41 PD.

In my old system I have all the change categories with their Workflows, I would like to know if there is some way to migrate these workflows into new Proccess Designer workflows automatically.


Thanks in advance.


  • Greetings.

    As far as I know the worflow is the same in all systems, what it changes is the information, but an upgrade should work normally, maybe another partner here can corroborate this information. Something that could come up as an issue is if you there are missing rulsets or forms with different names, things that you have to be careful when upgrading.

    I hope this works for you.


  • Hello,

    thanks for the reply. Anyway I think I didn't explain very well my situation, I'll try to give an example:

    Current system SM 9.30 (without Process Designer (PD))

    New system SM 9.41 (with PD)


    In the current system for example I have the Change categories:

    CatA (with its workflow A)

    CatB (with its workflow B)

    In the new system (after the migration and the activation of the PD), the workflows A and B are not reflected at all.

    I would like to avoid to create all the workflows for all categories by hand, so my question is:

    Is there a way to transform the workflows A and B in two PD workflows automatically, or by script?






    Against a copy of your 9.3x system, you could apply the PD3 Content Pack (the last Change Only PD content pack) and, when you apply the content pack it will automatically upgrade your current categories to PD workflows. You can then migrate the workflows to your new system. I would have expected that enabling PD in 9.41 would upgrade change similarly, but that may have been only for the content packs (don't know for sure).

    Note that the upgraded categories still call legacy tailoring tools ets(e.g. format control) and if you have a project goal to migrate to Codeless, rebuilding the workflows in 9.41 using workflow editor and rulesets might still be a better approach.