combo box displaying value list instead of display list

i've added a combo box with a value list of t;f and a display list of yes;no. the input field is a logical field.  when selecting values in the combo box, it shows yes and no, but after i save the record, it shows true and false. why isn't it displaying my display values after the record is saved?

  • Hi Goodja,

    My name is Keylor Rodriguez form the support team, I have found the following information that could be helpful for your issue:

    Option 1:

    The field type for this field should be a boolean (logical) which is a CHAR(1) field.

    The value of the global list should be bolean as well.

    The value that will be stored on DB level will be then a "t" for "true" or "f" for "false". This translation is made automatically by the system. Also when retrieving the data from the database the reverse will happen so "t" is translated to "true" and this is then by the globallist translated to the correct localized message.
    NOTE if you did not specify the field on dbdict level as logical but as character it is default created as VARCHAR2(60) in that case it will not store a "t" or "f" on DB level but the complete true and false values are stored. For the rest the pricipal is the same. The problem was that with a logical there is a automated translation which requires a different mapping then you would logically possibly expect.


    Logical fields accept yes or no values for input, but the server converts them to true or false values when stored. " You will have try using a character field and using a display/value list instead of using a logical field name. Or you can open an enhancement request to have this functionality changed.

    Hope this helps,

    Please let me know your thoughts, i will be attentive to your response.


  • so the display list is only an input display, not an output? i hoped it would do the translation both directions.

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    Hi Goodja

    In this case, for characters, yes it's just for input display, not for output.