\ in CI Names

A decision was made to include backslashes in some CI names, and, as you can imagine, it's causing some problems.  The one I'm struggling with is viewing CI relationships for these CIs.  We've tried two methods, and both work in the desktop client but not in the web client.  In the web client, we still get the message "Cannot find related information in CM.relationship."

Method 1:


if (($position=index("\\", $fieldContents))>0) then ($fieldContents=strrep($fieldContents, "\\", "\\\\"))
if null(cursor.field.contents()) then ($find.skip=true) else ($query="concatenated.name=\"" $fieldContents "\"")

Method 2:

if null(cursor.field.contents()) then ($find.skip=true) else ($L.RelName=cursor.field.contents();$L.void=rtecall("escstr", $L.rc, $L.RelName);$query="concatenated.name=\"" $L.RelName "\"")


Aside from reversing the decision to use backslashes in CI names, any other ideas how I can get these relationships to display in both the desktop and web clients?