Incident creation from Service catalog in SM9.41

Dear all,

is it possible to create direct incident from service catalog module? we are using SM9.41

OOB, first service catalog creates SD ticket and then it opens a incdient ticket based on the connector type (Open an Incient) in service catalog, but we need to customize in such a way that service catalog creates an incident.

kindly let me know if it is possible to implement this scenario.



  • What is the point of having SRC & HPSM seperately?
    SRC uses fields from 'incident' table, i mean Interaction tickets & i don't think there is any option to create INCIDENT tickets using Prosummary table.

    Let's see if experts have a way out.

  • Verified Answer

    There is no way to do so. The SRC directly integrates to Interactions and there is no option to allow it to directly open incidents.

    Note that the ESS unlimited use license would not allow a self serivce user to directly add/update a probsummary record, doing so would violate the terms of the ESS license. A floating or named license is required to add or update a probsummary record.


    Why are the SRC and HPSM separate? The SRC Portal is a client, it is fully dependent on HPSM for it's functionality and cannot run standalone. The HPSM application itself requires an intermediate tier  (e.g. webtier, SRC) to be used via internet.