Multiple Resolve Requests sending to Front System from HPSM

Dear All,

Kindly help me to know about with issue i am facing in my environment, we are using hpsm9.35 and we have front system where complaints gets registerted and from there it will create tickets in HPSM, we are using webservices for the same, problem here is that, when we resolve the incident in HPSM it will invoke resolve request and resolve the ticket in front end, and SM receives the success response once it is closed in front end System, but here HPSM sending Multiple resolve requestes to Front end system to resolve, for first request it will resolve in front end, but for other multiple resquests alos sending and trying to close in Front end , since it is already closed for the first time , it throws an error stating it is already closed, please help me where to stop to send this multiple requests to the FE from HPSM.




  • This may be stating the obvious, but you need to figure out where in the SM code you are sending that SOAP request to the other system.  It sounds like it is triggering on Resolve as well as Save or Close.  Assuming you are not running Process Designer, you may want to check Process records or even Format Controls. This is probably being called via JavaScript. If you can locate the ScriptLibrary record for the call, you can get the name of the ScriptLibrary record itself, and then search the system where it's being called.