SM9.41 Errors..After applying SM9.41p2

Dear Team,

i am not able to apply the SM9.41 p2 onb SM9.40 version, i am applying this patch on linux system,

as per the SM9.41 support matrix, i installed JDK8,u72version in that linux server, and i have installed SM9.40 version and suceesfullly insatlled and able to access SM9.40, and now i stopped the SM services and applying the SM9.41p2 patch on SM9.40, before that i have deleted jre,lib and tomcat folder, and i have unzipped sm9.41.2003-P2_Linux-x86 and copy these direcories and put it in SM installed directiory.

After that, i have ran ./ and the exected ./ command, and checked the java version it is "java version "1.8.0_72"", after that i executed ./smstart command to start the SM, and i am getting bellow message .


 "Unsupported Java version "

 "Please run ./ to delete all the symbolic links!"

 "Install or setup Java 1.8 correctly and then run ./ to re-create the symbolic links."


Please help me on the above issue.