Issue with Inactive timer in SM7

Hi Experts,

we have Standalone SM7 on WIndows 2003 in which we are schedule the inactive timer,

if the user is idle more then 15 mintues then it should kill the session

but it;s not working i am able to see user even they are idle more then 30 mintues,

can you please let me know the parameter and step to check .

previously it was working and we didn't do any changes as well but suddenly it stop working not sure what went wrong.

  • Hello Govind,
    Thanks for your question.

    Due that SM7 is very old, it is really hard to find further information.
    However, I found the following information from a similar requirement:

    The kill.inactive RAD application (on the start panel) calculates the $L.warning to start with the following calculation ((Number of minutes to allow idle user) – (Warn user within)) which is wrong. And in your case the calculation is (480 – 10) which starts the warnings at the 470 mark.

    To fix this, change the 10 on the schedule record to 470 so the calculation become (480 – 470) and the warnings will start when 10 minutes are left. 

    if (null($SCHEDULE)=false) then ($foomin=1 in numbers1 in $SCHEDULE)
    if (null($SCHEDULE)=false) then ($timeout=1 in times in $SCHEDULE)
    =======>if (null($SCHEDULE)=false) then ($L.warning=$timeout - 2 in times in $SCHEDULE) <========
    if ($L.warning=$timeout) then ($L.warning=NULL)

    Now, if you noticed, the code is made for two inactivity timers. So please edit the code as it suits your environment best.
    If it does not work, then I encourage you to update your system since there is no much SM7 information left in our knowledgebases.

    Hope this helps.

  • You need to check 3 points:

    1: Is the inactive process running? if not start it

    2: Is the inactive schedule scheduled and running as every minut? If not create it (directly on schedule or using Inactive Timer Utility in the Meny)

    3: All instances have the sync running.

    Your version is very old and very very unstable compared to 9x; If I were you, I'd try to update it as soon as possible.. Make sure you have the latest stable binaries for your application version, this also helps.

    Good Luck and let us know the results.