Removing Mandatory field


Currently I have SM 9.40 installed. I'm trying to remove mandatory fields such as affected service,impact and urgency from sd.interaction.logging and sd.interaction.categorization . I have removed the validation from format control for and sd.update.interction but I'm still getting an popup message (impact and urgency is required) when trying to open new interaction.

Kindly advise

Thank you in advance


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    Have you looked in process designer? We have 9.40 and under the Service Desk workflow under Edit Workflow Properties > Workflow Based Rulesets > On Add there is a ruleset called sd.general.validation.  Maybe there is someting there.


    Also, if you are going the format control way, have you looked at the incidents format control?

  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    Actually your suggestion works perfectly fine. I have edited the rule set sd.general.validation on Add and On update.

    Thank you again for your help