SM-UCMDB SSL Integration Issue

Hi Experts,


I'm trying to integrate SM 9.31 with ucmdb 10.01 using SSL, but I'm getting an error as per the attachment log.


I have done the following Configuration:


Adapter : service manager 9.x

Host name: Server name

Port: 13443

Url override: https://servername:13443/SC62server/ws

Cerdential: username and passsword created in ucmdb same as falcon


The certificates are distributed in the followin locations



SM server:

Adding the Ucmdb certificate(.cer) and SM Certificate (.cer) signed by CA to trustedclients.jks


Probe server

Adding the Ucmdb certificate(.cer) and SM Certificate (.cer) signed by CA to HPProbetruststore.jks


UCMDB Server

Adding the SM Certificate (.cer) signed by CA to Server.truststore


Kindly advice


Thanks and Regards






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  • Hello Amen,


    Thank you for your support.


    I don't think this is related to what I'm doing since this integration is working on one of our customers. It was done by HP PS. But as I remember even HP PS at that time had asked for HP support to implement it. I already asked them but they don't remember the steps since this configuration is not done frequently.


    your support is really appreciated


    Thanks and Regards