(SM) Support Tip: How Smart Email work with POP mailbox .

Some customer is facing issue when they use Smart Email work with POP mail box, below error message can be found in sm.log

 “Email error 404[can not connect to mail server] to Admin , Your mailbox is already locked “


Here is the deign information for how Smart Email work with POP mailbox :

 Only one user at a time can use a POP mailbox (the same mailbox). If another user, attempts to connect to the same 

mailbox at the same time, they will get a lock notification.

Smart Email functionality has 2 bg processes at least: SmartEmailX (x=1, ..) and SmartEmail_Processor. 

Both of them will connect Mail server. When one of them connect the mail server and another one is connecting almost

in the same time, SM will receive the information that the mailbox is locked. Actually SM has catched the exception. 

In ScriptLibrary SmartEmailManager, there is one function initMailReceiver and the relevant codes are below:

initMailReceiver: *function* (isMailServer) 

{ ... *this*.mailReceiver = *new* MailReceiver(*this*.serverType); *try* { *if* (isMailServer) 

{ *this*.logger.debug('SmartEmailManagerClass', 'Open connection of the mail server.');

*this*.mailReceiver.open(optionsJson); } *return* ReturnCode.SUCCESS; }

 *catch* (e) { *this*.logger.error(e); *return* ReturnCode.CONNECTION_FAILURE; } },

Here the exception is catched and printed into log. So we can see the information in log file. it is not harmful. When the mailbox is locked, the process will not handle mail this time ,

and it will work in the next scheduling time.




  • Hi 1211 jack,

    Is it possible to share more information on how does the inbound email of integration manager, actually process an incoming email? does it work having integration manager direct assign mapping value (mapping in the setup) into a record as save it or is there another schedule process that will trigger the creation of ticket?