(SM) Support Tip: OMi-SCAuto-SM integration support

OMi-SCAuto-SM integration support .

As we know OMI -SM integration doesn't need Scauto, but OMI->Scauto-> SM integration is official supported even SM did promised it because SM SCauto -> SM integration is officially supported, for what's the data of SCauto come from,SM do not care.

 Here is the simple example how OMi-SCAuto-SM integration work:

 OMI server and SM server are integrated with SC Automation SDK (ScAuto).the following utilities of ScAuto can be implemented

 Utility                             Name                   Description


File Monitor Utility           Scfiled.exe          the utility to inform SM about OMI event


Submit Monitor utility    ScSubmit.exe       the utility to fetch submit record from eventout table


The screenshot here how OMi-SCAuto-SM integration work


Here is the  script you can use  :

1.Rule transfer   :  ForwardingRule.Groovy  (HPSM/conf/opr/integration/Forwarding Rule/ForwardingRule

2.Event send :  Startscfiled .bat            (/hp_omi_tools)

3.Receive ticket : executebySM.bat           (/hp_omi_tools)

4.Generate XML : UpdateIDandStatus.class     (/hp_omi_tools)

5.Update event : UpdateEvent.bat             (/hp_omi_tools)