SD-RF Linkage issue

Hi Experts, 

we face an issue in HPSM 9.41 that after creating service cataloge ticket and take approval the realted RF ticket isn't created despeite Linker & Lister is running in System status 

Any help is highly appreciated 

  • Couple of thoughts:

    1.  What is an RF?  Do you mean RFC (Request for Change)?

    2.  I think the RF would be created in the Foreground (vs. the Background) and therefore wouldn't rely on Linker or Lister.

    3.  I would replicate the issue with a trace (RTM:3 and debugdbquery:999), review the log and see if you can determine what is happening.  Maybe an error is being thrown.

  • Hi Tom, 

    1- RF is a Request Fulfillment Ticket as when we create SD from Service Catalog to item has connector "Open a new request" 

    it should be related automatically to RF after Approval if exist 

    2- I think the RF is created in the background thats why i think it depend on the linker & Lister 

    3- I'll proceed with the trace option after working hours due to the case is happened on production environment