Error while updating incident

Hi dears, 
i faced this problem while updating an IM Could any one help me regarding this issue: 

"Query field (name) in (contacts) not defined in dbdict (display,"


The system was working fine but this issue rasied today only, any clue? 

  • If no code change has occured and this issue just appeared out of nowhere, I would try bouncing

  • I'm betting there _was_ a code change, and I bet it's either in the IM.update.incident formatctrl record or the probsummary formatctrl record.  You've got code that's running on display or initial, and have, most likely, forgotten the ' in $file' portion of the code.  So instead of the system doing something like: = name in $file
    you've got it trying to do = name

    and that 'name' isn't a variable the system can resolve, so it tosses you that error message.  So check your code for what's changed and see if you're missing an 'in $file'

  • you can check there is no such field "name" in the table "contacts".

    you can go to dbdict to check all fields of table "contacts"

    I guess you need "" not "name"