Hover-over popup window input that differs from the field's input - full names vs logins


we cope with easy business desire - showing full names in fileds like contact, service recepient, assignee etc. and displaying details in hower-over window (popup window). The problem - it seems that popup window only works if input is the same like filed input of the filed which "triggers" the popup window. And if the files contains full name (which are ambiguous) then message "More than one record found" is shown instead of deatils.

Is ti possible to change popup input (link) to different field. E.g.  asignee field showing full name however popup windows (enabled for this field) woul use assigne.login as input... ?

Any trick ? :) Kerob

  • I took a quick look at your Word doc. Since your popup is tied to your contact full name field and is not unique, I understand your problem. What you could do is add your unique contact.name field to your Request form. Make it a smaller read-only field, you could place it to the right of the Requested For full name field. Make it fill in from your link record. Then you can put the popup on that contact.name field, since it will be unique it will always work.

    I think I tried using an alias field and had problems. Hope that works for you!

  • Hello Malcolm,

    we were thinking about solution like that, it probably works - as workaround. The root cause is probably in sw bug in popup windows input parametr handling... I think. Anyway thx very much. Kerob

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