SLM - are the Service Hours calculated in SLT while displaying Mean Value


In HP SM 9.40, Codeless, We have Service Level Management inside system navigator > SLM > Metrics > Overall

On entering the values of Agreement ID, Month and Year, and when we click on the "View Process Targets Details", We get option to view the Mean,Median and Deviation values for an existing SLT.

In our environment, the SLT of which "mean value" is shown is having service hours defined as "Monday to Saturday" and "0900 to 1800", and as of now for October month, we are able to see the "mean value" as
18 00:06:00 (DD HH:MM:SS format)

So here the 18 days and 6hrs are indicated using the attached and above mentioned  service window?  I meant, 18 Days * 9Hrs 6Hrs = 168Hrs?

Kindly help in confirming the interpretation mentioned above.

Thanks and Regards

Hemant Vaswani