Response SLA and Resolution SLA - How to view



Reference to the attached copy of exported tickets in xls file, we want to understand the following queries

( Environment details : HP SM9.40 codeless in Windows Server 2012 with MS-SQL DB )


1. There is a column with the header as "SLT Breach", is it going to tell us about the SLA of the interaction record, Please confirm


2. is this column, we have two types of status, one is "true" and another is "false"
could you please elaborate as to "True" stands for what and "False" stands for what.


3. we had configured two different SLA's for response and for resolution and for both modules of SD and IM, how do we view the both SLA's for each of the interaction in the tool as well in the exported reports.


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Hemant Vaswani
  • SLT Breach will be false if any associated SLT or SLA has breached for the record. 


    The specific data for each SLT is not stored in the incident record. Instead, details for each individual SLT associated with a ticket are found in tables specific to SLT/SLA results:

    Each SLT for an Incident will have a separare slaresponse record. You need to report against those records for SLM reporting. 

    --The ticket level fields allow you to determine if the ticket breached any SLT. 

    --These records allow you to report on the performance of indivifual SLTs and view each SLT separately for a record.


    SM calculates monthly stats on each SLT: 

    This tells you how many records were included in the SLT and how many breached in June 2015.


    To view this data, access Service Level Management > Metrics > Process Metrics.

    --Process Metrics are for Service Level Targets

    --Service Metrics (SLAs) are for Availabilty Targets

  • Hi John,

    I am really delighted to get the information as shared by you in above post, i got to know what i was searching for past couple of months.


    Could you please help further in same lines and as queried below in detail :


    Reference to the attached two screen shots, We need to know the steps to


    1. which field values are considered by SM9.40 to arrive on the "Mean" Value, i.e., Is it "resolved time" of the interaction record or the "close time" of the interaction record. Is there a work arround to change to either of one desire, we need to have the "mean" value using "resolved time" of the interaction record


    2. how to export the "489" - "total affected records"


    3. how do we add SLT ID 318 in the options of SLT's shown in the list once we clsik on the button of "View Process Target Details"


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    Hemant Vaswani