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HP SM 9.40 Codeless Windows 2012 Server  based environment and MS SQL 2012 DB Server


How do we see the resolution time which is arrived after consideration of the work schedules in the process targets.

i.e. in our environment, the work schedule is set from mon to sat, 0900 to 1800Hrs, i presume the resolution hours will be calculated only in the mentioned hours and rest of the time will not be accounted in the calculation of resolution hours.

if above presumtion and settings are in place, how do we see the details for single interaction record as well in monthly MIS.

attached screen shot is for reference


Thnaks and Regards

Hemant Vaswani

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  • Hi,
    This query is related to capturing the resolution hours of interactions/incidents and based on business hours.
    The work schedule is updated for 0900Hrs to 1800Hrs(Mon to Sat) in SM 9.40 Codeless (Windows / MSSQL based environment)
    In our current scenario, we are getting the result based on flat calculation which seen below :
    resolution time in "d HH MM" format = "resolved time" - "open time" of the interaction record/incident
    (here we are getting flat calculation based on 24Hr Clock only)
    Whereas we are looking for above calculation which should be based on the "work schedule" set in SM, i.e. 0900Hrs to 1800Hrs(Mon to Sat)
    screen shot of the work schedule as set up in our SM is attached in trail email for reference
    Thanks and Regards
    Hemant Vaswani