Simulating Cart Functionality via API in SM 9.60 SMA-SM


Has anybody simulated the order from Service Portal Catalog functionality via the REST or SOAP APIs in SMA-SM 9.60.

It is clear that the REST APIs are still available for the PORTAL. Specifically the two of interest are:<SAWTENANTID>/ess/propel/request/createOrder


However, I can only appear to get this working if you are authenticated as the user for who the ORDER/SUPPORT is for.  The issue seems to be a permissions based issue on the OOTB SysAdmin Account for the PORTAL.  Once an SSO Token has been retrieved using the OOTB SysAdmin account (should have full privileges), an error message http 400 - unauthorized is received.  If you authenticate as amy.lopez (get SAW SSO Token), then create the ORDER/SUPPORT as the user who the request is for e.g. amy.lopez, then the functionality is working correctly. 

Want I need to know, is whether the PORTAL APIs are going to remain available.  We will need to have a way to allow a Service Account be used to create an ORDER/SUPPORT via the PORTAL APIs.

It seems that this is probably not the correct way to achieve this and that it should be done directly in SM via the APIs available there. Through some combination of:



I have been unsuccessful in getting this to work via the SM APIS at present.  Can somebody please explain what combination of API calls need to be made to get this to work AND have this ORDER POR/PR display correctly for the end users within the PORTAL UI.

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  • Hello Joseph

    Thanks for contacting us.

    Regarding your question, what we recommend in this case is to submit a support ticket to get additional help, mainly because in this forum, we dont manage to much about SMA-SM or SMAX, as well, it seems that this request will take some customization, and it will be better to manage with a ticket

    Please let us know what will be your action.