Steps required for appearance of all of the contacts present in Windows ADC in SM940


reference to the attached screen shots, files ending in numbers and from 1 to 4 are showing the 2 contact details as seen in the Windows Active Directory,

files ending with name as  1 and 2 are showing the name of user - "Parag Lad" whereas files ending with name as  3 and 4  are showing name of  "Parag Thakur"

similarly, the file ending with name as  is as seen in the interaction submitting form using SM940 web client.
based on the above data, we have following two corrections to be carried out :

1. In case of Parag Lad, the "business" details in Windows Active Directory are left blank (refer file ending with number 2)  and because of this the contact of "parag lad" is not shown/visible in the file ending with number 5, therefor we want to modify the appropriate setting in LDAP config so that Parag Lad's name appears in the contact. we want to carry out the change as there are many such users (approx. 20Nos.) we are not able to see the contact in while submitting the new interaction. kindly help for affecting the changes.

2. also, if we see the file ending with number 4 and in Windows Active Directory, the "business" details showing "department" of user "Parag Thakur" are not getting reflected in the file ending with number 6 and in the SM940 web client, while showing the details of contact

kindly look into the matter and help.

Thanks and Regards
Hemant Vaswani

201115 - sm940 - ADC contacts not
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    I would suggest to open a case with SM support, since further investigation is required to check configurations and other details. I have made research based on the description given, but further details need to be reviewed and to make this via thread is a very difficult task.