HP SM 9.40 | customizing Affected Services, Category, Sub-Category and Area



In interaction and incident logging template, i am planning to use the following scenario, I require help in knowing the steps to be followed in doing so. I want Remap & rename the existing HP SM 9.40 fields as following



Existing                                               New


Affected services                            Category

Category                                             Type

Sub-category                                    Item

Area                                                      Summary



once above changes are done, i am also trying to co-relate all the four, i.e. affected services, category, sub-category and area in such way that if we select one of the option inside "affected services", the rest of the fields are appropriately populated, i.e. for example, inside "affected service", if we select one option say "applications", accordingly "category" will get options related to Applications only, and same is for "Sub-Category" and "Area"



hope the above requirements are understood well, please look into and suggest.



thanks and regards

hemant vaswani

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