Delay of 5.30Hrs in relaying the email notifications from CIT 9.61


In our Windows server 2012 based HP SM 9.40 environment, we are using CIT 9.61. Both SM and CIT are hosted on same server and the RDBMS is on separate host and MS SQL 2012 Ent. Edn.

For all the interactions in service desk, It is observed that the email notifications are delayed by 5.30 Hrs. The notifications are realted to the common events like interaction creation, re-assigning resolved and closed etc.

Also, the 5.30Hrs seems to be in relation to the difference in GMT and IST, i.e. IST is equivalent to GMT 5.30Hrs Could you please suggest where to check and update the time settings to affect the timely relay of email notifications.


Thanks and Regards

Hemant Vaswani