Delay in ESS and Index Login by 60 seconds.


After entering the credntials in HP SM 9.40 webclient based on Apache 7 Webserver, for both as well, we are able to get access only after 60 seconds. what are the steps and probale causes of this delay.

We are having Windows server 2012 based HP SM 9.40 environment, we are using CIT 9.61. Both SM and CIT are hosted on same server and the RDBMS is on seperate host and MS SQL 2012 Ent. Edn.
Single sign on is enable for Wnidows AD users to sign in to HP SM9.40 using the LDAP config and CIT 9.61 for contacts syncing.

kindly suggest as our HP Support is also exploring the solution for this issue.

Thanks and Regards
Hemant Vaswani

  • Try doing a debug servlet with RTM:3 and debugdbquery:999 and you should be able to see in the log file where the time is being spent....

  • Hemant,

    From the log you posted in the case it appears that all of the delays are related to your LDAP environment.

    In the log there are connection timeouts when attempting to connect to some of your LDAP servers:

      1836(  2800) 12/17/2015 13:54:03  RTE D |OpenLDAP| ldap_connect_to_host: Trying 10.n.n.n
      1836(  2800) 12/17/2015 13:54:03  RTE D |OpenLDAP| ldap_connect_timeout: fd: 44108 tm: -1 async: 0
      1836(  2800) 12/17/2015 13:54:24  RTE D |OpenLDAP| ldap_close_socket: 44108
      1836(  2800) 12/17/2015 13:54:24  RTE D |OpenLDAP| ldap_err2string
      1836(  2800) 12/17/2015 13:54:24  RTE I LDAP: SASL BIND to server ldap://your server

    In the above it timed out after 21 seconds try to connect to the LDAP server at the 10.n.n.n IP address ( full IP is in the log ).  It does this several times during the login resulting in your 60 second delay.

    Review your LDAP configuration and verify the IP addresses are configured correctly and reachable.

    Steve H.

    HPE Support


  • Verified Answer


    the issue was found and address of LDAP server was incorrectly type in LDAP mapping section.

    Thanks and Regards

    Hemant Vaswani