Link is not filtering with a letter in the array field.

Hey guys,

I works on Service Manager 9.41

I have link line related with a array field.

>>without query

when I enter a letter , showing services begins with this letter
but this method show all device types. I want only type: bizservice

so I add a query

>>with query

when I enter a letter

This time, It shows the services I want with type:bizservice

But It does not show the services begins with the letter.


Thank you so much,

  • Hello ceyhun,
    Thanks for reaching us.

    Could you please provide a little more explanation about this? With that, I can check on an OOB environment and hopefully provide you an advice.

    Jose L. Arias


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  • Hey again,

    1-without query.jpg
         I add a link line without query at like this photo.  file: cm3r
    2-without entering letter 448 CIs including bizservice and computer types.jpg
        Directly, I push to comfill but  listing all CIs  in all types such as bizservice, computer But I want to see only CIs with bizservice type
    3-with entering letter , shows all CI types begins with letter.jpg
       Create new change
        I typed a letter, for instance "T" .  Thus, It shows CIs begins with letter T.  But I see CIs with bizservice and so on. Watch this space! I want to see only CIs with bizservice type.
    4-with query, to shows only bizservice type.jpg
       I add a query like that: $query="device.type"=\"bizservice\""
    5-without entering letter , shows only bizservice type this is ok.jpg
       Again, create new change
       Directly, I push to comfill and It shows CIs with only bizservice type.  Result I want is that.  This is OK.
    6-with entering letter, shows all bizservice CIs again this is the problem.jpg
       Create new change
      I typed a letter, for instance "T" .  But It shows all CIs with bizservice type. This is not OK.
    In short,
    I want to see CIs begins with "T" only in bizservice type.
    I tried to explain my problem. Hope, you will help me.
  • Hi ceythun,

    try something like this:

    $L.fieldvalue=nullsub(cursor.field.contents(), "")
    if ($L.fieldvalue~="") then $query =(" and\"" $L.fieldvalue "\"")

    I just can't check it here by myself but maybe it works...