$G.pm.environment calculation when using process designer

Before the process designer, $G.pm.environment contained the user's incident profile. But when using the process designer, it is calculated based on Security Roles and Rights.

However for some settings it is not exactly clear not documented where the new calculation method gets them. Can you please let me know when and where this is calculated?



  • Hello Jan,

    can you clarify which setting is not clear for you? an example would be more usefull for us.

    br, Francis

  • Verified Answer



    The variable is build at the connection on the RAD app named apm.setup.globals at the panel populate.pm.env.

    The ScriptLibrary called is SecuritySetupEnvironment and the function used populateProbsummaryEnvironment




  • Hi Jan,

    That variable is set in the rad with name "apm.setup.globals".
    The process to set it up starts in the panel "decide.build.pm". After a couple of panels, the RAD gets to the panel check.setup.select in which the flow goes to the panel "populate.pm.env" if process designer is enabled. Finally, in the RAD calls the Javascript "SecuritySetupEnvironment" in the funcion "populateProbsummaryEnvironment".

    Take a look at this last Javascript and you will find how the variable is populated.

    Hope this information helps.

    Best regards,