multiselect.selection("fieldcontents") doesn't work in web-client

Hello colleague!


Do you have some experiance with multiselect.selection("fieldcontents")?


I use it in my custom wizard to get records ids which were selected from a list.

In win-client function works. It returns me ids but in a web-client (ess) the same function in the same wizard returns only NULL.


What did I do wrong? Do I need write something in web.xml?

There is any different way to choose multiple records from list instead of multiselect.selection functions?

  • Hello!

    I've got some news.


    I forget to mention my webtier version. It's 933.


    Well a bad part of news is that HP Support confirms that multiselect.selection("fieldcontents") really doesn't work for webtier 933 !!!

    But a good is that in webtier 934 this bug was fixed.


    Do you know is it possible to use SM 933 with webtier 934?

  • Yes, 9.34 web tier can be used with all 9.x application releases.


    Note that 9.34 introduces a significant change in the appearance of the application (it still works pretty much the same way, though there is a much better date picker, auto-complete is now available, and the messages interface is improved). I wouldn't expect that retraining would be needed, but it will look different. 


    If you also upgrade to 9.34 applications, you get access to the new embedded change calendar. It doesn't have the conflict and impact analysis capablities of Release Control, but provides excellent time period management capablities (you can even attach additional approvals based on time period violations).


  • Hi Experts,


    Jane_VK, could you please to show official HP document, where written that multiselect.selection("fieldcontents") is working or should be working in webtier 9.34.


    Our webtier version: version 9.34.3000-P3 and SM version:


    /opt/HP/ServiceManager9.30/Server/RUN $ ./sm -version
    ----HP Service Manager Version/Environment Details-----
    Executable name: sm
    Version: 9.34.3000
    Patch Level: P3
    System name: 13080
    System key: 0x784DFB00
    Hardware type: ia64
    Network hostname: dn-smdev
    Operating system: HP-UX
    OS version: B.11.31


    and multiselect.selection("fieldcontents") returns null in webclient... so, now  we can say, that this bug is not fixed..

  • in 9.50 still not working multiselect.selection("fieldcontents")

  • to workaround this issue:


    To work around this issue, use the following rad expression, instead of $L.rm=multiselect.selection("fieldcontents", $L.file).

    $"rows");$L.rm={};for $L.x = 1 to lng($ do ($L.void=rtecall("rgoto", $L.rc, $L.filed, $L.x in $ - 1);$L.x in $L.rm=number in $L.filed)

    The following information is about how this workaround works:

    $"rows")   //This workaround is based on the current situation: The multiselect.selection("fieldcontents") has a defect, multiselect.selection("rows") works fine.
    $L.rm={} //initialize $L.rm
    for $L.x = 1 to lng($ do ($L.void=rtecall("rgoto", $L.rc, $L.filed, $L.x in $ - 1);$L.x in $L.rm=number in $L.filed) //for each row, insert the number field into $L.rm, if you want to get the content of other field, you should change it accordingly.


  • I found this Defect about multiselect.selection in web-client:

    QCCR1E122633 RAD function multiselect.selection("rows") returns the incorrect index in the Web client when using select all

    This Defect is solved with
    SM9.33P4HF16 Hotfixes are available through Support.
    SM9.34P4HF7 Hotfixes are available through Support.

  • I encountered a similar problem. Function works for 9.41, but does not work for 9.63-9.64
  • I also have same issue with 9.60.1017-P1 web-tier.

    Is there any news regarding this problem?