Create a new task from Request

We recently implemented Request Fufillment and the SRC in 9.50. I was trying to see if there is a way to create a task on demand directly from the RF record. Similar to how you can create a task from an Incident or Change record. I am familiar with building the tasks in the change model, but I have a situation where I need to have an assignment group evaluate which tasks that need to be generated.

Here is the scenario:

user submits a request from SRC for an employee termination. The request goes to the specified team. An assignee goes and evaluates the employee records to determine all of the access that needs to be revoked and then adds the tasks for the various teams.

I'm open to other suggestions as well.

  • Did you look at having providing the assignees with access to open manual change tasks ?

  • what I could understand from your requirement is that,  the assignees of this particular group would come and decide which all tasks needs to be created  for this particular catalog item request.

    For eg: if this one kind of a requirement, you could capture the catalog item name on the fulfillment request and display some check box options for the assignees, ( only for this specifc catalog item ). Based on the check box which assignees select and save, you could have the conditions set on  task planner / change tasks  ??. 

    I might be completely wrong  with the my assumption done , but just adding my two cents .


  • If the process is ad-hoc type, then manual tasks are the only solution. Also I had some difficulties to find how to enable manual tasks and how to add one into a Task Plan.

    In a perfect world, you'd define the Request model in which Additional Properties set for a first task include the typical options for employee termination. Let's say, "Cancel the Access to building", "Cancel cell phone contract" etc.

    Then you'd use those values when defining the opening condition for the subsequent tasks. Currently this is not officially possible (I've understood it will baked in in future versions), but doable with some additional coding by taking advantage on Request Model's Additional Properties, which can be set per a Request Model.

    Request Model's Additional Properties are stored is a table 'TICKETCONTEXTCONFIG' and can be retrieved with a simple JS code. Then use RAD Expression as a condition for each of your subsequent task to check whether the certain Additional Property was set true or false. (For example.)

    Rad Expression is something like

    jscall(adminRequestVariables.evaluateTicketContextVariableValue( parent.request in $L.file, "cancelAccessToBuilding","desiredvalue" )=true

    ...and the code something like...


    function evaluateTicketContextVariableValue( request, contextid, value ) {
    	var item = new SCFile( "ticketContextConfig",SCFILE_READONLY  );
    	var sql = "fileName#\"request\" and fileId=\"" request "\" and id=\"" contextid "\"";
    	rc = item.doSelect(sql);
    // some code needed to check if the context variable's value in table matches the request's parameter
    //return true or false 

    This is maybe too complicated solution to your problem, but an (incomplete) insight how it might be done...

    EDIT: Some code correction