HPSM 9.41 Copy Change & Set Value of a Boolean Field

Hi All,

I am having a very difficult time setting a value when copying a change. Using the process cm.copyopen - Tried using RAD Expressions field.name in $L.file="t" but it refuses to set.. every time I copy a change, it pulls up as NULL.

I tried putting it in the Initial Rad, in the Post Rad in the Process, and in the Display Option where the button is, but nothing I am entering seems to make it to the final copied change.

I know this is just something really simple I am missing, so I am reaching out here after working on this for a few hours..

Thank you!

  • Extra note, if I set the value to 't' in the initial change: RAD Debugger: 'x inital.value in $L.file=t' then copy the change, the value stays true in the copy, so I know that the value is not getting unset somewhere further down the line..

    >d initial.value in $L.file

    Can someone please help me sort out what I am doing wrong when it comes to setting this value in the Display Options or Process: cm.changeopen?

    Thank you!


  • Verified Answer

    Sorry about that, I found the solution.

    In the Display Object, in Pre-RAD I put in the following:

    inital.value in $L.filed=true

    Once I did that, the value would then set when using that Display Option Button.

    I got the idea from searching through here a bit more and ran across:


    First Reply:

    "Example which removes a value from a field named "email" using a Display Option:


    RAD syntax (Pre Rad Expressions tab):

    email in $L.filed=NULL"

    I was just using the wrong syntax.... it was a something very simple indeed...