HPSM 9.51 Smart Analytics content servers backup/restore


We've been experimenting on a test server with Smart Analytics (HPSM 9.51) content servers backup and restore functions.
We followed the instructions to perform scheduled backups of the content servers, but we have an issue restoring them.
According to the instructions, we should run a restore command from saa (IdolContentServe:aciport/.../filename.zip), where we feed a single .zip file. However, in the backup folder, we see some of the folders we see in the original content folder with .gz files inside.

Manually zipping the backup data and feeding it to the restore command doesn't work (it ends with the error RestoreServer command finished without effect).

How can we restore data?

As an alternative, could we set in the scheduled backup field BackupCompression=false and just copy/paste the backup data in the original content folder whenever we want to restore content data?

Thank you in advance!

  • We have been searching through the documentation, but it seems to be lagging in the Smart Analytics area. Do you have any ideas/sugestions?

  • Depending on which component you execute RestoreServer on you may end up with a .zip or a folder.
    When executing the BackupServer you have to pay particular attention to the <filename> created in the output as that is what you will use in the RestoreServer command later for the filename action parameter. That <filename> can either be a .zip or a directory, depends on how the component outputs its backups. Now, for Service Manager - using the documentation - I've found that it is the directory:

    1. Login to Service Manager

    2. In the SM command line enter: saa

    3. Hit enter

    4. You should be at the Smart Analytics Administrator gui (i.e. saa)

    5. Run the command like this: You may want to replace localhost with the IP of the IDOL server




    6. Click the run button

    7. An xml response should appear with the results of the command.