(SM) Support Tip: Top 5 new 9.52 features and functionalities

Service Manager 9.52 introduces the following features and functionality:

The ability to paste images to the HTML Editor > To enable this functionality for other modules, you must meet following prerequisites: You are running the Service Manager 9.52 (or later) web client and server. The web client is open in the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser. The form contains an Attachment Container control. The Insert Image Option property is defined for the HTML Editor control on the form.

Updates to Service Portal (formerly "Service Manager Service Portal") > that enhance security, installation, search capabilities, and more

Support for SAML Single Sign-On (using the IdM service that is built in to Service Portal)

Process Designer-based Configuration Management > The Configuration Management module is reimplemented on Process Designer technology. The module now uses a default Configuration Item workflow. When you upgrade to Service Manager 9.52, a migration tool will convert all Classic Configuration Items to Codeless Configuration Items.

Colored thresholds and ranges in reports > You can configure reports on the dashboard to use colors to highlight defined thresholds and ranges of values. When you define a colored range for a report, the section of the relevant axis falling within that range is displayed in a defined color, and threshold markers are displayed on the report to mark the limits of the range.