(SM) Support Tip: SM 9.50 Codeless First New Features

Service Manager Reporting enhancements

Service Manager 9.50 Reporting includes the following enhancements:

• Use notification when sending emails for the exported reports

When exporting reports as email attachments, you can select the Use Notification check box and then select a notification definition to send emails by following the notification rules. Additionally, you can add customized notification definition records.

• Hot Topic Map is now available in both report and dashboard

After you enable Smart Analytics in your Service Manager system, you can create Hot Topic Map reports for Service Manager survey, the Service Desk module, Incident Management module, and Problem Management module. Additionally, you can add Hot Topic Maps to the report dashboards for these modules.

• New Drill Down Process option

The behavior of dashboards with a category of ToDo can be configured to the same of the To Do Queue now. A new option Drill Down Process is added to the New Report Wizard. You can use this new option to specify whether clicking a record in the report will drill down to the record stored in the ToDo table or to the record details page.

SM Survey framework enhancement

The SM Survey framework is enhanced to support multiple survey templates for ESS, SRC, and Service Manager Service Portal surveys based on the internal survey connector. Users can create multiple questionnaires of their own to suit different needs. For example, they can use different questionnaires for different modules or for different user groups.

The support of multiple survey templates also significantly simplifies the SM Survey tailoring mechanism. The Survey Template functionality enables users to easily create custom questionnaires without the need to tailor forms. The same questionnaires are available to all SM surveys (ESS, SRC, and Service Manager Service Portal).

Note: This enhancement does not affect Survey Integration. Surveys that are based on an external connector work the same way as before.

Support of SQL Server AlwaysOn

The Service Manager Server now supports a cluster of SQL Server instances with the SQL Server AlwaysOn functionality enabled


This information can change prior formal release of the product. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise reserves the right to perform any changes to these features.