(SM) Support Tip: What's new in Service Manager 9.60

New functionalities, enhancements and support changes:

Smart Analytics

Smart Ticket tuning toolkit: This release provides a Smart Ticket tuning toolkit to assist in tuning your Smart Ticket configuration and improving the Smart Ticket classification accuracy. This toolkit includes a data distribution analysis tool that can provide reports on your data distribution, and a visualization tool that can generate a confusion matrix based on a set of sample test data. Additionally, this toolkit can help you achieve better results by modifying certain IDOL configuration parameters from the Smart Ticket configuration UI.

Oracle Connector: This release provides an Oracle Connector to automatically aggregate Knowledge Management documents from an Oracle database server. The files are then sent to Connector Framework Server (CFS), which processes the information and indexes it into an IDOL Server. IT agents can search against these files through Smart Search.

Enable phrase queries: If you select this check box, Smart Search automatically adds quotations to the search criteria.

Ignore certain special characters: If you select this check box, Smart Search interprets special elements as normal characters instead of a query syntax. These elements include asterisks (*), question mark (?), colon (:), double quotation marks ("), brackets, boolean, and proximity operators such as AND, NOT, OR, EOR, XOR, NEAR, DNEAR, WNEAR, BEFORE, and AFTER. Select this check box to disable wildcards, phrase queries, field restrictions and boolean operations.

Minimum search results relevance threshold: Specifies the minimum percentage of the relevance that the search results must have to the query.

DevOps Support

Supports DevOps for applications tailoring, which is based on native Git integration. This feature enables you to modify, commit, and deploy code changes inside Service Manager. The commit and deploy function inside Service Manager guarantees a "Review Based Development" that only allows users with special permissions to check in and deploy codes.


Shared Inbox: You can configure a shared mailbox for the "EWS" or "IMAPS" mail protocol as the mailbox for receiving inbound email.

Service Portal

Upgrade utility: Provides an additional lightweight upgrade utility for upgrading from SM 9.5x. By using this lightweight upgrade utility to upgrade Service Manager from 9.5x to 9.60, the upgrade time is similar to a minor-minor upgrade with Application Patch Manager (APM).

Service Portal

Important: Micro Focus has chosen Service Management Automation (SMA) Service Portal as the strategic focus for further Service Portal development, and Service Manager Service Portal (SMSP) will no longer evolve functionally. Customers are encouraged to adopt SMA Service Portal as a replacement for SMSP. SMSP is delivered in this release only for the existing SMSP install base.