9.50 - Task Planner data migration

We're doing a migration from versión 9.34 with PD to 9.50 codeless. 

We are having a problem with change requests, once the change is submitted, tasks are not showing up because they are not include in the "changePlan"

Reading the document “sm_upgrade_guide-9.50” on page 161, it said something about “Task Planner data migration” but it doesn't describe how to do it... there is a script there, but i'm not sure what to do.

Does anyone know how to use it?

  • Verified Answer

    1. Type db in the command line to open Database Manager.
    2. Type migrationSetting in the Table field, and then click Search.
    3. Find Source table "changeModel"
    4. In the Migration Script setting detail form, click Migrate Data to run the migration script.