How can we add videos onto SRC?

How can we add videos onto SRC?


  • Well, only way I know is to use launchers. SRC Customization guide gives good guidelines how to do this, so it's unnecessary to replicate all the steps here. (I refer to SRC guide version 9.40, but the same tricks apply to SM 9.34 as well.)

    Please see from that doc the topic "Use the launcher to create third party links". There's also an example of one type of third party link. For the video - the launcher type must be different. In the appendix C is stated, that the launcher type must be VIDEO. (Wohoo, some logic here...)

    From the customization doc, Appendix C:

    Specify the type of third party link:

    • APP to link to an application, like Wikipedia.
    • MEDIA to open a video window.

    The link type value must be upper case.

  • do you have a detailed example that i can follow? Any sample would be of great help

  • Well, if you checked the examples in a customization document, they are easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Please see for example "Appendix A: Launcher examples".

    Like I said, it's unnecessary to replicate the steps that are already outlined in a document. Only major thing to notice is to change launcherType to MEDIA.

  • Hello,

    I have follows your recommendations and was able to add the launcher. However, the video is not working although i am using an mp4 file. You can also find the files attached. Also, can i have it automatially work after login without giving the user the option to click on the button?



    Hazem ElDessouky
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  • As far as I know, the video can't be set to autoplay. You should ask HPE to create an ER to get such a feature.

    As the customization doc says, mp4 is officially supported. (Of course, it doesn't mean that _some_ video files would not play, but it's rare., I guess.)

    "If you chose to link to use the Launcher to play a video, note that Service Request Catalog uses an open source video player class from Adobe. Therefore acceptable video formats are .flv, .f4v, and mp4 -based container formats. For more information regarding the video player, reference the following link:"

    Only help I'm able to give is related to check is the network issues. Is the source that host's the video in a same network area than your SRC server is? I mean - probably the SRC server just can't access the video file. If possible, move the video first to the location that it's 100% surely reachable by the SRC server. (It's up to your server/network zoning what's the correct location.)

    After you've sure the video & setting work in a temporary location, then move the video to the final destination - to be sure that the problem is caused by network issues, not something else.